Monday, June 15, 2009

I am a Photographer. (not a terrorist.)

How do you like my flying shirt? I like to wear this to the airport. I am not sure if they like it or not, but I've yet to have anyone ask me to turn it inside out. Tee-hee!

Some people have asked me what it means. Well, there are lots of government and security types of folks who get upset when professional photographers want to photograph places like, oh, say... train stations or amusement parks, or sometimes even certain buildings. There are whacked out security guards who will try to demand that you hand over your film, memory cards, or even your camera (which is all illegal, and they can kiss my ever round patootie.) -- So this shirt is my way of reminding folks that photography is art. It's expression. Are you gonna run up to a sketch artist drawing a beautiful rendition of Grand Central Station and demand they turn over their pad and pencil to you? I doubt it. Jerkfaces.

I'm currently at the airport in Milwaukee, waiting to hop on a plane to the Mile High City (Denver.) -- I'll be home for 9 days, and it's the first time I felt like the trip home is coming a little sooner than I want it to. With us just having moved into our new place and so much to do at my studio, I feel like I'm skipping out on a bunch of work that I need to get done. But, it'll be awesome to see friends and family.



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